Visual & Literary Arts


Trained technically as a photographer, Mintio, whose real name is Samantha Tio, creates images that push beyond the discipline of photography by experimenting with different materials and presentation methods.

Malam di Jari Kita (“The Wax on Our Fingers”)
Singapore House, Jakarta and Institute of Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

VLA - Mintio

The project was a cross-cultural collaboration between Singaporean artist Mintio and Indonesian painter Kabul. The duo worked with batik makers from the Javanese village of Kebon Indah to create self-portraits and explored the role of women batik makers as culture-makers in the Indonesian society.

Wee Hong Ling

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Wee Hong Ling is a scientist-turned-artist who realised her passion for ceramics during her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Geography in the United States. Since completing her doctoral degree in 2005, she has been a full-time ceramicist who splits her time between the United States and Asia.

Soft Lines, Hard Edges
Pop-Up Singapore House, London, United Kingdom

VLA - Wee Hong Ling

Inspired by her travels to Tibet, Wee’s sculpture exhibit in London’s RSP Planet Design Studio explored the idea of hidden meanings, where the surfaces of her ceramic houses pushed against the interiors in bulges and dents, suggesting signs of life and energy within.

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Zakaria Zainal

Zakaria Zainal is a photographer focusing on documentary projects that show the changing face of Asia in progress or in conflict.

Our Gurkhas
Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal

VLA - Zakaria Zainal

Presented to the Nepali public and its Singapore Gurkha community, Our Gurkhas – a photographic exhibition of retired Singapore Gukhas – served to uncover historical anecdotes of Singapore through their eyes and also act as a visual archive of a visibly invisible community here.

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