Founded in 1985, TheatreWorks is Singapore’s first professional English-language theatre company known for reinventing traditional performances through cross-cultural collaborations to represent the contemporary realities and identities of Southeast Asia.

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The Continuum: Beyond the Killing Fields
World Theatre Festival Shizuoka
under Mt. Fuji 2012
Shizuoka, Japan

The documentary performance recounted the lives of four Cambodian artists who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide, exploring the universality of the human spirit in overcoming adversity as well as the artists’ integrity in preserving his or her art form for future generations. The multidisciplinary work combined live performances of traditional Cambodian dance and puppetry with testimonials, confessions and story-telling, as well as multi-media elements. First performed in 2001, it was subsequently presented in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil,
Singapore, Italy, Norway, Sweden, France, Turkey, Netherlands and Australia.

Click here to find out more about TheatreWorks.

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