SIF Events

Project Glocal Artist Talk

Circumstances Engineering: Art initiative as social experiment
17 November 2012 – 2.30pm to 4.00pm
SAM at 8Q, Level 4, Gallery 2.


Project Glocal:
Dayang Yraola will introduce what Project Glocal is and how it sprung out from SIF Arts Associate program. The sharing will contain considerations, challenges, triumphs, rooms for improvement of an independent art project. Videos prepared by Project Glocal artists from Manila and Hong Kong will also be presented.

Conversation of Cities:
Tang Ling Nah will speak about her experience in working with Filipino artists for her piece in Manila.

Win will speak about building relationships between artists from BKK, MNL, SG and HK through this project and discuss their first impressions on shared art practices and habits.

Moderator: Urich Lau

The session will conclude with a Q & A session.

Artist Sharings

24 Nov 2012, 12nn – 1pm
SAM at 8Q, Level 4, Gallery 1

Singaporean artist Samantha Tio and her Indonesian collaborator, Budi Agung Kuswara, better known as Mintio and Kabul, will talk about their cross-cultural collaboration, Malam di Jari Kita (The Wax on Our Fingers), where they worked with traditional batik makers from Java. Singaporean photographer Zakaria Zainal will also share with us his latest project, Our Gurkhas, a photographic exhibition of retired Singapore Ghurkhas that was recently presented in Nepal.

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