Odyssey Dance Theatre

A professional contemporary dance theatre, Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT) is a strong advocate of local original dance
works and has represented Singapore in festivals, conferences, arts market and cultural exchanges.

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6th Biennial Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The 6th Biennial Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta in 2011 marked ODT’s first foray beyond Singapore shores for the biennial dance festival since 2001 in an extension of its local festival programme. Organised in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, Onstage Art Management and Trade in the Republic of Korea, the
Dance Association of Korea and the Singapore Embassy in Seoul, the festival gathered more than 80 dancers and sound artistes from Singapore, Korea and Japan in Seoul for four mainstage collaborative performances that celebrated dance as a universal language.

The Art of Faking
6th Mulle International Arts Festival
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Move Off Festival (Winter Edition)
Sienna, Italy

Inspired by the book The Art of Faking It by Laurence Whitted-Fry and choreographed by ODT’s Linnea Ong and Lo Pui Sze, the performance was a portrayal of the workings of society through unpredictable passages of twists and turns.

Hi Heaven!
21st Korea Dance Festival 2012
Yeosu, Republic of Korea

Move Off Festival (Winter Edition)
Sienna, Italy

Featuring original choreography by ODT Founder and Artistic Director, Dr Danny Tan, the performance questioned the dichotomy between calm and loud sounds, and the emotional turmoil experienced in reaction to the notion of death, with the hope of imbuing positivity and serenity to the unavoidable passage and passing of life.

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