Multidisciplinary Arts

Ana Prvacki

Ana Prvacki’s works present insights into our everyday routines and seek to transform the viewer’s perception of our habits and provide answers to our daily problems, worries, and fears. She is based in Los Angeles and Singapore.

Greeting Committee dOCUMENTA (13)
Kassel, Germany

MDA - Ana Prvacki

Exploring the comedic potential of faux pas, the project consisted of video artworks shown as public service announcements at festival venues, training exercises for festival staff and a workshop in modes and techniques of civility and etiquette. It illustrated how we relate to others as an intricate, amusing and at times exasperating concoction of emotions, prejudices, projections and trans-generational histories.

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The Living! Project

The Living! Project is a social enterprise, a collective of artists, social innovators and designers creating positive social behavourial change toward sustainable urbanisation through collaborative art and community involvement.

The Living! Project
Fête des Lumières, Lyon, France

MDA - The Living Project

The 5.8 by 2.2 metre light art sculpture was made from energy-saving LED lights, stainless steel, and recyclable artwork by special needs students from Singapore and and France. The collaborative sculpture was subsequently exhibited in Singapore at *SCAPE.

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