Arts Connection

Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Arts Connection brings people together, harnesses the power of the arts for social and community development and enables collaborations for a better world.

Little by Little

Little by Little is a cross-cultural collaboration between SIF and Singapore’s international community to work with youths from the
Little Arts Academy’s arts education programmes. Our participants include representatives from the Australian, Belgian, Mexican and Thai embassies, American Association, Children-At-Risk Empowerment (CARE) Association, as well as our own programme alumni from Indonesia and Vietnam.

“I never knew that the movements we learn from basketball, or sports, can actually be incorporated into theatre or dance, or even our daily routines,”
– Klinsmann Lim from The Little Arts Academy’s youth division theatre group on his session with members of the American Association of Singapore

“I wanted to join Little by Little because it is a project that aims to bring together Singapore and international arts scene. I am definitely interested in learning about and integrating into the community and this is a really good cultural exchange, a two-way process,” – Andrew Wright, British art therapist at CARE Singapore.

Uplifting vulnerable communities through Art

SIF’s volunteers worked with partner organisations to empower disadvantaged children and women through art workshops in India and training in branding and product design to enhance livelihoods in Cambodia.

“The art therapy workshops were a testimony to the power of art and the abilities and capabilities of the participants. The artworks – masks, drawings, paintings and photos – gave them a face and a voice and allowed me to see each individual as any other person in the community, with friends, aspirations and beliefs about life. It also allowed me to see that not every aspect of their lives is related to living with adversity.” – Esther Joosa, SIF’s Singapore International Volunteer and arts education consultant who worked with a local community in Tamil Nadu in April 2011.

“Employees of the Modern Dress Sewing Factory (MDSF), a social enterprise assisting marginalised women in Phnom Penh were already producing simple garments and different types of local craft items for sale, and our aim was to help them find ways and means of improving branding and marketing of their products. After surveying the local markets, including the most famous Russian market, we were convinced the target for their merchandising is the overseas markets and foreign tourists who visit Cambodia in large numbers. We trained them to successfully infuse typical Cambodian design themes with very indigenous colours in MDSF’s products, which will be its trademark and brand image,” – Circe Henestrosa, SIF’s Singapore International Volunteer and Programme Leader of Fashion Management at La Salle College of the Arts.

Arts and Social Entrepreneurship

Several alumni from SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs programme has found a space between arts and entrepreneurship, for instance, Sophia Tan who founded The Everyday Revolution (TER) to present and merchandise artworks of special needs artists.

“We believe in our artists’ talents, we believe in their art and more importantly, we believe their art can inspire society to think about special needs differently,” – Sophia Tan, whose brother Kenny Tan, is the artist behind the artwork “Let’s Cuddle”, and one of TER’s featured artists.

Pictures from the various initiatives: