The SIF-British Council Artist-in-Residence Exchange (AiRx) progamme is a residential and cultural immersion programme for Singaporean and British artists to reflect and research on their art practices while interacting with the art communities. Besides creating new
individual works following the exchange, AiRx also includes a cross-cultural collaboration element, whereby the two artists jointly create new pieces reflecting their experiences in their respective host country.  

AiRx 2012 will bring together two multidisciplinary artists, Singaporean Genevieve Chua and British Emma Critchley, to see their artistic practice through different lens, conduct public presentations, and interact with arts communities in their respective host country.

Genevieve Chua

Genevieve Chua, (b. 1984) in Singapore, works primarily with drawing, photography and installation. Chua researches the fear of the unknown. This process involves the appropriation of Southeast Asian horror towards new narratives. These new stories are often realised as a website, installation or drawing. She was a recipient of the NAC Georgette Chen Scholarship in 2003/4. She has developed works at residencies in Singapore Tyler Print Institute, The Banff Centre, Gyeonggi Creation Center and C-C-C Shizuoka.


Emma Critchley

Emma Critchley, (b. 1983) in UK, is an underwater photographer and videographer. Critchley has worked as an underwater image-maker for over nine years and recently graduated with an MA from The Royal College of Art. Through her practice, Critchley explores the human relationship with the underwater environment. She has also worked on projects that have been funded by organisations such as The Photographers Gallery, The National Media Museum and The Arts Council.


Chua combines watercolour and ink with traditionally developed photographs to create narratives, while Critchley often works with free-divers to create unique portraits. The exchange can offer an insight into another artist’s working practice and provide the opportunity to experiment with new techniques as well as exploring narratives and ideas of mutual interest.

Chua’s residency in UK begins on 30 April 2012 for three weeks at the Royal College of Art, and Emma’s residency in Singapore at LASALLE College of the Arts will begin on 20 August 2012. The exchange will culminate in two-person exhibitions in Singapore and in UK, curated by Tolla Sloane of Give Art Space and co-curated by Sam I-shan of Singapore Arts Museum.

AiRx 2012 is supported by LASALLE College of the Arts, Royal College of Art, New Majestic Hotel, Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, Union Development, Give Art Space, Singapore and Galerie8, London.

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